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Aristocrat developing NFL simulation game with sportsbook betting

Aristocrat recently announced a partnership with Inspired Entertainment, Inc. The global gaming leader is leveraging collaboration to develop a new virtual NFL game.

The NFL simulation title will be offered to players in globally regulated markets. It will boast genuine sportsbook betting options, making the game a novelty. The upcoming game is using Aristocrat Gaming’s multi-year, worldwide licensing deal with the NFL.

Once the game is released, NFL fans can place wagers on teams as they compete in a simulated, realistic game. According to Aristocrat Gaming, players will get the same wagering features and options as they would in a sportsbook. These options include under/over total scores, total touchdowns, money line bets, etc.

The announcement has delighted most fans and bettors at NFL betting sites. The game is sure to increase engagement among the NFL fan base, helping them conduct their desired matchups. Even Aristocrat Gaming believes the game to be a huge step toward NFL license expansion and entertainment.

As part of the NFL’s plan, Aristocrat Gaming is happy to serve NFL fans all over the world. According to the gaming giant, the upcoming title will appeal to existing and new fans across the NFL, lottery, and sports betting domains.

Aristocrat Gaming has been trying to expand its RMG (Real Money Gaming) assets for a while. That is why the company acquired Roxor Gaming, the B2B online supplier, a month ago. An attempt at acquiring the UK-based Playtech PLC was also part of the plan.

Now, seeing how warmly the NFL community has welcomed the announcement, Aristocrat Gaming must be thrilled to release the game. As a novelty, the game will certainly satisfy betting and gaming fans alike.

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