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Astralis squeak past OG to enter into BLAST Premier Spring Finals

Astralis has registered one of its best records in CS:GO. The side has made it into the finals of BLAST Premier Spring with 16-14s and a crucial decider that went to the overtime session for players to display what they are still capable of under important circumstances.

The Danish side beat OG in its first-ever elite tournament. One of the players to have recorded their best figures is AWPer, with a positive 31 K/D ratio that is backed by a rating of 1.11. This holds true across all the 11 maps that were played. dev1ce came back to the lineup to finish with the best K/D ratio.

Both sides posed an equal threat at the beginning of the event from Inferno; however, a weak defensive show was mutually delivered throughout the gameplay. Some of the top esports betting sites have seen a lot of close calls, except for this one.

A lead of 8-7 was what the Danes really needed before realizing that it could be difficult to hold onto it. They did lose the first six rounds consecutively, only to bounce back stronger. Their own map pick did not work well since the side lost a 1v2 clutch at 14-15.

Vertigo welcomed the teams with little to no change in the way the event went on. OG did get a strong K/D figure of 33 across 30 rounds played, courtesy of flameZ. It was later the efficient performance of dev1ce that turned the tables around. The map began looking a lot different, with a slight chance by dev1ce. Coupled with flameZ and the game was set for the remaining time.

The T side gave the international team a narrow lead with 14-12 as the final tally. What really took the series to the decider was gla1ve finding impactful kills during the concluding moments of the match. Ancient welcomed the players to compete in the decider and give the fans what they were at the venue for, a winner.

The knife round went on for a surprising turn when the Danes picked the T side to start on. The side took a lead of 10-1 to justify their stand of going against the mood of the evening. Individual performances by blameF and gla1ve left a huge impact during the session. They did pull the side to the victory table by not letting OG secure positivity in the next four rounds.

A poor site hold from dev1ce and Xyp9x put the team in a weaker position while defending the lead. Australis consecutive wins ultimately drained the finances of its opponents, who then could change things only with a miracle. OG looked to have a stronger hold at the driver’s side, but it was an error-ridden overtime that took away their moment of celebration and handed it over to Australia.

Post the tournament; Australis will next be seen in ESL Pro League Season 17, which is starting next month on 22nd, that is February 22, 2023.

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