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Lusail Super Cup Brings Colors Before Qatar FIFA World Cup

Lusail Stadium experiences colors of cultures during the Lusail Super Cup between Al Hilal and Zamalek. The Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy, also known as SC, organized several programs to entertain 77,575 fans in the Lusail Stadium.

The stadium will host the finals of the FIFA World Cup 2022. Before going down that road, the atmosphere had already been charged with the colors of culture. Artists from various regions came in to participate. Performances were from Egypt, Saudi, Tunisia, Brazil, and Cuba, to mention a few.

Al Hilal went against Zamalek in a friendly match which went on to penalty after both the teams leveled a single goal each. The penalty was decided with a score of 4-1 in favor of Al Hilal. Zamalek is now re-strategizing its players for a future comeback.

Performances kept the environment going as visitors took with them the experience of witnessing diversity from performers who had come across the borders. Visitors could also participate in cultural games, apply henna art, and perform Ardha. Qatari culture came to a larger life with this line-up.

The Lusail Super Cup was an experience that proved Qatar was leading the way in the Arab region in terms of venues and organizations. One can now only imagine the line-up the stadium will host on November 22, 2022, when Argentina and Saudi Arabia battle on the field for a point on the table.

Some of the best FIFA betting sites have already given their nods to Argentina, with the margin yet to be declared. Saudi Arabia could be competitive and disrupt the margin announced on betting sites. Argentina is known to claim victory anyway, offering a surety that the team will land another victory on the soil of Qatar.

As per the sports news today, Khaled Al Suwaidi, the Stakeholder Relations Director at SC, said that the enthusiasm of communities and stakeholders overjoyed everyone. Khaled added that the priority is to keep engaging with the visitors and people until the FIFA World Cup tournament begins.

The Supreme Committee is now looking forward to welcoming all the cultures on the land and getting over 600 artistic groups from different parts of the world to participate in the tournament’s cultural activities.

Lusail Super Cup hosted over 270 performers with more than 35 activities at 22 different spots. FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 can be expected to go on a much larger scale, especially with large numbers of visitors coming from different places.

The Lusail Stadium can have 80,000 visitors in the stands. Supporters for Group C will first enter to experience the warmth of Qatar being the host at Lusail Stadium.

Aisha Al Mahmoud, the Director of Public Relations & Communications Department at the Ministry of Culture, Arts, & Heritage, expressed pride on behalf of the department and called the stadium elegant. Aisha added that the department looks forward to hosting Qatar National Day, one of the biggest cultural events, on December 18, 2022.

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