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Aussies: Spirit of the game or unethical tactics?

As for Ashes 2023, the second test of the series has brought Aussies some bad names after unethically dismissing Jonny Bairstow. He was at 10 runs off 22 balls when umpires reviewed to give him out, as in stumped by Alex Carey.

Celebrations were only obvious for the Aussies, knowing that the game could have still gone away from them. Ben Stokes was playing his shots, and Jonny was out there with the intent of supporting him. Stokes went on to put up a total of 155 runs, but it was their keeper who had to go back.

Cameron Green’s throw came at a shocking height for the batter. He ducked and missed the shot. Not looking back, Jonny assumed the ball to be dead, marked his crease, and left the position to walk toward his partner. This is when Alex assumes the act of playing smart by throwing the ball. Hence, keeping it in play.

Umpires went up for reference to receive the answer that Jonny would have to depart.

Celebration by Aussies suffices as a piece of evidence that they don’t regret their action. Everyone wonders if Smith regrets his ball tampering and suspension. But that is the Australian side for everyone. Teasing doesn’t even go on paper, often not coming in records verbally. However, they are known to frequently engage in destructive verbal banter with their opponents.

Ignoring that for a while, sending Jonny back to the pavilion in this unethical way has only brought Australia under the scanner. Win a game but not the respect since they don’t have anything to do with that word themselves.

Jumping back by skipping a few years. This was when the Indian team visited England’s backyard under the captaincy of MS Dhoni. The hosts were leading by 186 runs. Having a wicket in the pocket was the only way for India to look forward to a decent win. Eon Morgan and Ian Bell were on the pitch. Morgan smashed the ball to the leg side, thinking it would cross the boundary. Praveen Kumar intercepted the roll and threw the ball back to the Indian keeper.

Dhoni did what he should have done but later recalled his decision and informed umpires that he was withdrawing his appeal against Iam Bell. Batter had assumed that the ball was dead since it had touched the boundary. The fact remained that the ball had never touched the boundary, and therefore, it was very much in play.

Dhoni won the ICC Spirit of Cricket Award in 2011 and the hearts of millions of fans in India and England. As for the game, the best online betting sites for cricket had estimated England to win the match. That’s exactly what happened.

Now compare this to what the Aussies did to England, and one will understand if it was really the spirit of the game or an unethical tactic. If this is not enough, then the media ventures in Australia are out doing some dirty work as well.

One Australian newspaper has called Ben Stokes a crybaby, posting his edited photo in diapers and nappies. The English skipper has responded, saying that it is taking whingeing to a new level with cheating drivel.

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