Aviatrix and QTech Games sign a distribution deal

Aviatrix and QTechGames, also referred to as simply QTech, have agreed upon a distribution deal. It gives Aviatrix access to a new audience in the Asian region. Per the terms of the agreement, QTech will take the responsibility of adding the crash game title to its portfolio and make the same available to operators who have partnered with it.

Both are gaining one thing or another from the deal. For instance, Aviatrix is gaining access and reach to a new audience in the Asian region. QTech, similarly, is getting an opportunity to expand its portfolio of crash games. The game is titled Aviatrix, and it brings together the mechanics of a crash game and non-fungible tokens.

Daniel Long, the Chief Commercial Officer at QTech, has called Aviatrix a triumph for the developers, adding that it successfully captures the wonders of crash mechanics and NFT concepts. Daniel has assured the community that they will constantly work on rolling out high-quality content for gamers in all regions. This includes bringing out the fresh format in online crypto casinos.

Long has highlighted that what makes Aviatrix stand out in the market is the offering of customization, enabling gamers to modify the body and color of the aircraft.

That is indeed one of the key features that set Aviatrix aside in the market. Players in the game are tasked with placing bets before the virtual aircraft takes off. Multipliers are decided based on the distance that it travels before crashing down. The aircraft can be modified or customized as per the preference and choice of a player. This is made possible via NFT mechanics, which are very much in demand.

The game is one of the fastest-growing titles in the world. While similar titles can be viewed on several crypto casino sites, Aviatrix and QTech bring a difference in taking it to the public in the Asian market through reputed and better operators. Vladislav Artemyev, the Chief Executive Officer of Aviatrix, has echoed a portion of this statement.

Vladislav has stated that the partnership will let them reach out to a new set of audience in Asia, helping one of the fastest-growing titles to grow. They have hinted that new features and functionalities will be introduced in the times to come. While expressing confidence in its performance, Vladislav said that all the operator partners of QTech will be able to serve the title in the emerging markets with a truly unique experience.

The distribution deal between QTech and Aviatrix follows QTech entering into a similar partnership with Galaxsys.

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