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Barcelona beat Osasuna, will next face Real Madrid

Barcelona will next meet Real Madrid with the utmost confidence. This stems from the recent 2-0 win over Osasuna. The game can be briefly explained by saying that Barcelona’s sheer dominance fetched them two goals. Also, it was the defensive stretch of the opponent that refused to give the game away at a low cost.

Barcelona retained possession for 68% of the total run, with Osasuna remaining second. Two goals came in the second half, letting the first half go in speculation about which way the game would tilt. Robert brought the opener in the 59th minute, and Lamine found the second net in the OT within 3 minutes.

All Robert had to do was break the deadlock. He calmly collected possession and directed the ball to the goal. Later, Felix assisted Lamine and sealed the game. It was about timing the kick with perfection. The earlier assumption was that the game was over for Osasnua. An addition of time sparked some interest, with fans cheering for an equalizer.

The game of football never really went their way, and Barcelona continued its winning record.

Their previous win was against Barbastro by 3-2. Two of the three goals were scored in the second half. The one to be scored in the first half came within 20 minutes by Fermin Lopez. The winning edge was gained in the 51st minute.

Adria attempted to keep the game alive, even scoring a goal in the 60th minute. Another goal was scored in the 93rd minute through a penalty. However, it was way too late by then, as Robert had nailed the final goal.

Facing Real Madrid is going to come at a cost. The team is coming off four consecutive victories. These were bagged against Alaves, Mallorca, Arandina, and Atletico Madrid. The recent football game against Atletico makes it obvious why Real Madrid is the favorite to win the next game. The final tally between them was 5-3. This came after it was assumed that Atletico would end up being stronger.

Their first goal in the 6th minute went down the drain when Real Madrid could grab possession. Plus, they took 22 shots, and 11 went on target. Oblak was busier than Arrizabalaga despite the focus being primarily on defense.

Real Madrid stuck to its attack and scored every goal it could. Barcelona and Real Madrid, in the world of football, have always set up a great game. They respectfully undertake the spirit of rivalry for an entertaining 90-minute run. The next game between them will see kicks and defenses to the best of their skills. History does list Real Madrid as everyone’s favorite, but it could be Barcelona that steals the limelight.

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