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Barstool Sports Launches New App for Sports Betters

Here is big news for sports betters. Barstool Sports has launched a new app called Barstool Bets which will be dedicated to all the sports betters. Earlier, the company had commenced a print newsletter which aimed to cater to the interest of all the sports players and gamblers. CEO Erika Nardini and founder Dave Portnoy revealed the strategy of the newly launched app.

The audience of US sports betters will be the target audience of Barstool with the launch of this new app. The app was launched at the beginning of September and work is still underway towards its improvement.  

The app will offer an entirely free of cost daily gambling that will carry some attractive cash offers for US sports betters. The betters will also witness a live streaming session of Barstool leading personalities with money in the offing reacting to games. Sports betters will also get useful content and analysis during this process. 

Earlier last year in a landmark judgment, the US Supreme Court opened the channel for some of the states to make sport betting legal. And, Barstool has emerged as one of leading US media brands seeking to mint money via sports betting. There has been rising acceptance of sports gambling in the US now. 

Barstool has a desire of making a strong database of upcoming and seasoned sports betters so that they can draw new advertising dollars and boost revenue as more states gear up to legalize sports betting.

Nardini said it is entirely novel as far as legality is concerned and therefore there is a requirement for education. We believe we can exert the required influence and emerge such a brand that prefers skilled betters, new betters, and sports betters.

Barstool Sports is leaving no stone unturned to emerge the venue for new gamblers as sports betting has gained legality in several US states now.

The online media company started the new app Barstool Bets with the aim of familiarizing more sports lovers with gambling. It also seeks to attract veteran gamblers with specific programming manufactured for them.

As of now, Barstool has no goal of running a sportsbook similar to Fox. Fox runs a sportsbook via Fox Bet.

Dave Portnoy, the founder of Barstool Sports, launched Barstool in the year 2003 as a print newsletter for betters and fantasy sports players. The company attracted advertising aid from poker companies like Party poker and sportsbooks.  

Gradually, Barstool transformed into a general audience sports brand after US regulators came down heavily on various online pokers websites. The US regulators move also limited the advertising chances for a site focused only on gambling.

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