Battle Racers joins hands with Polyient Games

In a major boost to the Polyient Games (PG), the Battle Racers has announced that it is joining the PG ecosystem. The arcade racing game has been built on the Ethereum, and with this coming together, both companies are now set to expand their wings to a wider group of audiences.

Finer details

Just so you know, Battle Racers is a blockchain game that allows users to customize their cars to compete in racing tournaments. You can choose from the various options related to the components, parts, and weapons of cars to make a competent combat vehicle that will help you to compete effectively against other players. As a player, you get an opportunity to compete in a tournament, race against competitors, or even have a practice session to hone your skills. You also get the option of just watching the race and enjoy the thrill of a racing event. What’s more, you can take your car to your favorite garage and get it equipped with features that will help you enhance your car’s overall performance.

The early access release of the game is available at – you can visit the link and play the game to experience firsthand how much fun it turns out to be? You also have a chance to register for the upcoming Duel Cup Open competition at that has got some attractive prizes on offer – you will get a chance to win NFTs worth 4000 USD.


This collaboration has the potential to attract new users to the gaming system based on blockchain technology. PG Ecosystem is proving instrumental in bringing together like-minded organizations that are enthusiastic about collaborating on the decentralized ledger and exchange platform. It will be interesting to witness how this collaboration will help both organizations while helping the blockchain industry to grow and flourish in the future.

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