BC.GAME Teams Up with Amigo Gaming to Offer 15 Games

BC.GAME recently announced a partnership with Amigo Gaming to offer15 interactive games to users. Some of these games include Barbarian Stash, Amigo Gold Classic, Blazing Crown, etc.

The popular community-based cryptocurrency casino is known for offering high-quality games. With the latest partnership, it now offers 17 games from Amigo Gaming on its online platform. Besides the mentioned titles, the games are:-

  1. Book ok Zeus
  2. Regal Fruits 20
  3. Wild Coyote
  4. Amigo Lucky Fruits
  5. Amigo Double Classic
  6. Regal Fruits 40
  7. Amigo Hot 100
  8. Amigo Silver Classic
  9. Regal Fruits 100
  10. Amigo Fruits 5
  11. Amigo Bronze Classic
  12. Amigo Hot 20
  13. Amigo Hot 40
  14. Regal Fruits 5

BC.GAME has been supporting blockchain for a long time, find more details about platform here, and that is why its platform revolves around crypto-based games. Operated by BlockDance B.V, it holds a Master Gaming Licence.

Given the surging popularity of crypto and games around the currency, BC.GAME facilitates a responsible gaming approach. Its KYC and AML process is highly secure, while it accepts 28 cryptos on the platform. Players can use popular crypto like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Stellar, Ripple, etc., to make payments at the casino. Its recent collaboration has elevated its gaming proposition significantly.

Now, customers have 15 more crypto slots to play. Amigo Gaming is known for its distinctive features and graphics as a slot games provider. The Barcelona-based venture has a wide selection of slots with multiple reel setups and functionalities.

BC.GAME released an official tweet about the situation. The community was delighted by the development, showing their support. The venture is also expected to follow the partnership with quick growth and more games on the way. Given the recent rise in the crypto market, this move is sure to stir the market even further.

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