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Betting firms to refrain from football match-day jersey ads

Sports betting companies will be putting an end to the culture of printing logos on professional football jerseys. This is in view of the restrictions associated with promotional activities pertaining to gambling.

According to the betting news, Michelle Rowland, the Minister of Communications, is presently in negotiations with the relevant officials in preparation for announcing the end of all television, online, and outdoor advertising campaigns. Three representatives of this vertical disclosed, on the condition of anonymity, that the gambling industry has decided not to conduct promotions on football jerseys. In addition, there has been discussion in the business community regarding the elimination of radio ads during school pick-up hours. No billboards will be erected near schools. 

It is known that 50% of the National Rugby League and other major Australian sports have bookmaker partnerships. A trustworthy Swinburne University of Technology study found 21 partnerships in 2022. Meanwhile, AFL teams have stopped jersey partnerships with betting companies. English Premier League clubs have stated that by 2025, all of this will be over.

The government has evaluated the financial implications of eliminating all gambling-related promotional activities, but MPs and anti-gambling groups favor it. Opposition leader Peter Dutton believes this will benefit everyone in the long run.

The media and bookmaker lobby are pleased to hear that the administration is considering relaxing the rules. They propose allowing TV channels to show one to three ads every hour.

The government is proposing a methodical implementation of the entire procedure. The Minister of Communication must balance the class of individuals opposed to gambling promotions with the NRL and NFL, which fear financial losses.

Labor MP Peta Murphy led an inquiry that recommended banning gambling-related marketing on all media platforms within three years to protect youngsters. In addition, Rowland is under pressure to resign because, allegedly, she has received enormous donations from Sportsbet to finance her reelection.

Currently, there are certain restrictions on gambling promotions. Gambling advertisements are aired after 8:30 p.m.There are no ads aired between 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. or other such times.

Tim Costello, an anti-gambling advocate, compared gambling to the use of tobacco and disclosed that there was a half-hearted effort to place warning labels on cigarette packets, but the plan ultimately failed. The spokesperson for Rowland stated that the government was contemplating the recommendations made by Murphy’s committee, while David Coleman, a coalition communication spokesperson, stated that Rowland was dragging her feet, given that six months have passed.

Zoe Daniel, a Goldstein MP who is absolutely against the wagering industry, aired his opinion that it seems like the gambling lobby will come out the winner.

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