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Bill S-268 placed before the Senate

Bill S-268, which is meant to offer First Nations the complete set of rights to issue licenses and carry out and control gaming activities, has been placed before the Senate. The initiative was taken by Senator Scott Tannas, and they will be responsible for making amendments to the Indian Act that comes with section 207 of the criminal code. 

According to Tannas, the call of the moment is to acknowledge the rights and significance of the indigenous governments that exist in Canada. In his viewpoint, they already have total jurisdiction over the territories which they inhabit and are entirely responsible for carrying out all business-related activities. This is an accepted fact, and the time is ripe for them to be handed over a regulated right to go about their chosen occupations. He believes that presently, the gaming arena is raking in substantial revenue for them as it is. 

As for the Head of the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations, Bobby Cameron, he is extremely pleased that the effort that he has put in over the last thirty years has finally borne fruit. He firmly believes that this was the absolute need of the hour, and it is finally being addressed in a positive way. Further, it will help in setting up the First Nation as a more solidified body and bring about change in the current situation that will reflect in the near future. 

In the words of the ex-Head of Muskowekwan First Nation, Reginald Bellerose, he is completely one with the timing of the bill, as, according to him, it is better late than never. He understands the fact that First Nations are extremely adept at running casinos in Canada, as they have proved over all of this time. For them, this will be the opportunity to generate more employment opportunities, as well as avenues for increasing earnings. 

Following Bill S-268 came the turn of Senator Marty Deacon, who forwarded Bill S-269, which spoke of bringing together the government with the provinces to stem the flow of sports betting-related promotions all over Canada.   

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