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Bragg Gaming Group introduces RGS technology

Bragg Gaming Group introduces its latest and exclusive content, along with its remote games server (RGS) technology. This has been in conjunction with FanDuel Group in Connecticut and Michigan. 

According to the latest casino news, gamers who are connected with FanDuel in Michigan and Connecticut will have the option of being exposed to an array of games coming from Bragg Studio’s stable. Some of the titles will include Atomic Slot Lab, as well as Indigo Magic and Spin Games. Also thrown in will be some iconic names from third-party developers. Over and above all of this, a few games that have been developed in association with companies like Bluberi, Incredible Technologies, and Galaxy Gaming will be accessible for FanDuel gamers in the two states.

This introduction of the latest exclusive content is only a furthering of the association that is already present between FanDuel and Bragg in North America. The operations are very much running in places like New Jersey and Ontario. As per the opinion of H2 Gambling Capital, the regulated casino markets in Connecticut and Michigan are capable of bringing in a gross revenue amounting to more than $2 billion in 2023.

According to the CEO of Bragg Gaming Group, Yaniv Sherman, their present game plan is to further their footprint over the North American territory by making their prime iGaming titles accessible to a multitude of operators. He believes that considering the fact that they have ventured into states like Michigan and Connecticut proves that they are indeed moving in the right direction and in tandem with their overall goal. The association with FanDuel will only increase the option for them to corner a larger share of the iGaming space. 

Where Bragg Gaming Group is concerned, it is entirely a content-oriented iGaming technology provider. It is connected with online and land-based gaming operators and provides them with unique content, along with its absolute new-age technology.

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