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Brighton vs. Man United, Premier League: Predicting Where the momentum lands

Man United is having a great run, with a record of four victories in the last five Football games. It does have a draw with Tottenham, with both sides scoring two goals each. The team will next face Brighton, which is positioned at 8th spot with 3 victories and 2 losses in the last five games.

Brighton and Man United will lock horns at Falmer Stadium in the Premier League. A lot of shift in momentum is included towards Brighton despite Man United demonstrating its true class. Statistically speaking, Man United will enter the field with a winning chance of 28%, while the opponents will carry a 47% chance to claim the victory, according to a 22Bet review. What remains is the gap that could be filled by a competitive draw.

There is an inclination toward Brighton also because they have been able to win 2 of the past games against Man United. Plus, a streak of continuous wins has a possibility of coming to a halt. In that scenario, Brighton will register their third successive win against Ten Hag’s team.

Pascal Grob from Brighton will have a lot of eyes on him. His total goals in the Premier League stand at eight, marking his personal best performance in the tournament. However, he has a higher chance of scoring big, specifically against Man United. Grob has scored six times against them in the league.

That’s not it, for Pascal brings a vibe with him to the side that pushes everyone to give their best shot. What makes this evident is the fact that he was able to use his creativity in last month’s FS Cup duel to create a total of five chances, two more than others on the same pitch.

Casemiro from Man United will remain at the center. Known for his combativeness, the 31-year-old Brazilian footballer backs the entire midfield for Ten Hag in the presence of Luke Shaw and Lindelof.

Similar to Pascal, Casemiro brings a lot of impact merely by his presence on the field. Ten Hag has seen his side lose more often in ten games than in the twenty-two events where Casemiro has been on the top playing list.

The FA Cup meeting brings out something noteworthy. Casemiro registered 13 tackles and interceptions, marking the highest number by any ManUnited player in a single game of the season.

Man United has registered a successful winning streak with just one 2-goal draw. Other than that, there is a chance of their performance being hampered by the record of away matches. They have been unable to have a clean sheet in the past 13 football matches since October 2021. That is the time when they won 3-0.

Brighton only carries the pride of defeating the Wolves by 6-0. Their form otherwise is questionable and hence, creating a chance of them slipping into the darker side while contesting at Falmer Stadium for the Premier League.

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