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Casino Industry in US Seeks Economic Support Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

As the World Health Organization claimed on Tuesday that the US has strong potential to emerge as the new epicenter of the Covid-19 pandemic, the country’s casino industry is witnessing economic fallout from coronavirus outbreak. According to a report, approximately 98 percent of the gaming properties have been forced to shut in the USA.

Bill Miller, President and CEO of the American Gaming Association said, nearly 1000 gaming properties have been closed in response to coronavirus. Both private and commercial casinos have been shut in the country.

According to a report, 973 casinos have been closed so far all across the United States as a result of the deadly virus’ outbreak that has affected 46,000 people and killed over 600. Earlier on Monday, over 100 people died in just one day. The sudden surge in cases also compelled the WHO to issue a warning that now the USA is overtaking nations likely Italy and Spain. If strict measures are not taken, the country may become the global hotspot for the virus.

Bill Miller said that nearly 6, 49,000 casino gaming and resort employees might become affected due to the shutdown as a precautionary measure to tackle the coronavirus outbreak. As of now, over $74 billion in total wages will be at risk annually and $41 billion in annual tax revenue and tribal revenue sharing worldwide will remain at risk.

He said that just like the hospitality industry, the gaming industry would also require a financial stimulus. There is a requirement to create short term financial opportunities for employees who have been displaced.

We have been taking cues just like any other industry and care about the health of our employees. We are hoping that we get as much relief as possible to combat the current situation, added Bill Miller.

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