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Champions League: Dortmund claims 1-0 win over Newcastle

Dortmund has defeated Newcastle by a slim margin of 1-0 to move up to second place with 4 points in Group F of the Champions League, an annual club association football competition run by UEFA. The only goal of the event came in the 45th minute, just before breaking for halftime. It was scored by Felix to put the visitors in the winning seat. Terzic knew that the side had made it, and it would be Howe wondering what could have been done to defend the strike or at least land a draw on the table.

St. James Park experienced a game that will live in the minds of the fans for a longer time. There are no points for guessing that Newcastle could have made a comeback; they just could not take their game to the next level. A winning shot had a chance of 61% possession, with 12 shots taken and 3 going to the target, making the fans happy at online football betting sites

Newcastle ran with a limited possession of 39% but a higher number in terms of shots on target. Five out of 13 shots made it near the scoring area.

Group F also includes PSG and Milan. These teams have already met, and it was PSG that emerged victorious by 3-0 in the final tally. Mbappe opened the winning series in the 32nd minute. That was the only goal in the first half. Milan attempted to make an equalizer against the double brought by Randal and Lee in the 53rd and 89th minutes, respectively.

Dortmund, so far, has played 3 games: 1 win, 1 loss, and 1 draw. The draw came against Milan, with neither side scoring a single goal. Defeat was handed to them by PSG despite keeping a strong defense in the first half. Mbappe had little chance of making a single. Nevertheless, he grabbed the penalty shootout in the 49th minute and found a way to enter the net. That was followed by Hakimi scoring a goal in the 58th minute.

Dortmund again lacked the skill to have the majority of possession. They were at 31%. The situation was rather worse, as only one shot was found on the target. There were a total of 14 shots fired against 17 by their opponent.

PSG has ruled the table and is at the top of it while the piece is being articulated. The only heartbreaking defeat it has is against Newcastle with a goal difference of 3, wherein they scored one goal and the other side scored four. Mbappe’s name is missing from the list of scorers, and it is Lucas instead, with a net in the 56th minute.

Other interesting games that have recently happened were Young Boys vs. Man City and RB Leipzig vs. Crvena Zvezda.

Both events have a 3-1 tally. While Man City is victorious against the Boys, it is RB in the other game with a similar goal difference of +2 for the winners.

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