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Chase Davis wins $357,269 in the WSOP Circuit Choctaw Durant Main Event

It is hard to believe that Chase Davis could have left the table early in the 8th position. He kept his poker hand, however, and went on to win the top prize of $357,269. The WSOP Circuit Choctaw Durant Main Event saw 1,491 entries for the tournament, creating a prize pool of $2,258,865. It took 5 days of action before Chase Davis emerged at the top of the charts, winning the grand prize, which is triple the biggest amount that he has won in his career till now.

Jonathan Dull follows Davis at the second position for $220,809. A face-off between the two champions ended after Dull ran out of chances to negotiate his stay at the table. Davis had better hands than Dull to go for the big prize. Sayed Khan finished third on the table with a prize worth $164,596.

The first elimination happened after one hour of hard work. Robert Champion left the table to take home $35,025. He is listed in the 9th position, meaning everyone else on the table received more than $35k for making it to the top nine. Nicolas Tucker stayed at the table for an additional hour before calling a payout slip to take $44,159 with him.

Justin Kapka left almost as quickly as the previous players. His hands fetched him $56,269 for a decent card game at the final table of the top seven.

Nathan Russler was quite quick to depart the table, requiring less time than others. A fifth-place finish on the leaderboard effectively fulfilled the aim of participation, as he brought home $94,277 from the enormous prize pool. The elimination of Jay Nguyen not too long ago allowed Nathan to advance one spot. According to the online poker news, jay is in sixth position with $72,457 in earnings.

The top 3 players at the table battled it out until it was time to break for dinner. A walk back to the table showed them in a jovial mood. Sayed, in particular, appeared pleased as he held the chip lead among the three finalists. That did not last long, forcing him to lose control of the table and letting David sit tight with Dull for the battle between the top two players.

Jonathan Dull had a chip on his shoulder for early control, and he deserves all the credit for maintaining an aggressive stance. Davis made everything work by remaining composed until his mind was at ease. This provided Davis an advantage once Dull entered a heads-up position during the game.

Dull’s sitting in the second position is fair, for he has won the second-highest prize in the event. Davis celebrates clinching the biggest reward of his career.

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