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Check FIFA ROBLOX partnership & immerse in a free-to-play virtual FIFA gaming world

A virtual environment makes the space accessible, regardless of geographical location. FIFA has conveniently leveraged the principle to bring the sport a step closer to the fans. The global football association has partnered with Roblox to launch FIFA World to develop an interactive environment for football fans.

The partnership forms following the signing of a multi-year agreement ahead of the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, which starts on November 20, 2022.

FIFA World intends to celebrate the power of sport and connect different cultures & heritages in the virtual space. Players will be able to hang out with others in the social space, claim rewards through participation, and collect virtual items that will be exclusive. Players will only have to complete the game and win challenges.

As per the gaming industry news, FIFA has launched a promo for FIFA World, showcasing how colorful the virtual world is with a lot of depth in its graphics. Challenges come in the form of a fun activity instead of a hustle. Different in-game events will evolve and adapt to the real relevant event.

Content for the virtual space has been developed with references from the extensive library of FIFA+. To top it all, it will feature two of the most prominent FIFA names – Pedri from Spain and Lena Oberdorf from Germany.

Romy Gai, the Chief Business Officer of FIFA, talked about FIFA World. Romy said that the enormous experience that players get on Roblox will offer players a new way to interact with their friends and celebrate the culture & heritage around the sport. Romy Gai added that players would showcase their national pride and creativity through various mechanisms and features.

FIFA World also intends to promote the values of sport to a larger audience. Christina Wootton, the Vice President of Global Partnerships for Roblox, highlighted the belief of the venture stating that discovering & enjoying events together is what makes an experience unique, something beyond duplication and replication.

Fans can come together to celebrate and express their fandom with FIFA World, concluded Christina Wootton.

The virtual space will have many features and mechanisms to enable players to enjoy their experience while connecting. There will still be a small difference as FIFA betting will only remain in the real world on various FIFA betting sites.

Pedri called it an exciting experience, saying he cannot wait to be a part of the project while it evolves. Pedri stated that it was great to take the FIFA World Cup to the fans and directly interact with them.

Lena Oberdorf echoed a similar tone by calling fans the lifeblood of football. Lena said that players love to celebrate with their fans, and they will now also be able to do so through FIFA World.

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