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Chiefs write a win over the Eagles in Super Bowl and MVP

The Kansas City Chiefs were closer to losing the event against the Philadelphia Eagles until they got the fourth-quarter push to surpass the final tally after covering the deficit of 10 points on the scoreboard. Patrick Mahomes lifted the Super Bowl for the second time and received the MVP title for the second time as well. It is hard to believe that Mahomes was unable to make it to the field due to an injury and yet ended up on the winning side after passion spoke volumes to get the treatment done on time.

Chad Henne was ready to rise to the occasion, but he was not needed after all since Mahomes made it to the field. Talking about the situation during the presentation, Mahomes said that there is nothing that can keep him off the football field. True, since he not just made it to the field but also recorded three crucial touchdowns, two of which came in the fourth quarter.

An extended halftime break surely helped him a lot to receive the treatment and get a fresh ankle taping.

The result was an amazing second half with the figures of 13/14 passing, two touchdowns, and 93 yards to come back to the back with a bang – a much-needed lead. NFL betting sites were on a roll until both teams broke for halftime. The Eagles looked to win with a 10-point lead. It got shortened in the third quarter when the Chiefs responded with a 7-pointer on the scoreboard against three by the Eagles.

Cheering could still have been for the Eagles, motivating them to fly as high as they could, but tides changed their direction when the Chiefs continued to lead the match in the fourth quarter. There was a tie at 35 points, creating a moment from where anything could have happened. Call it dramatic, but Mahomes rose to the occasion by drafting a perfect screenplay to deliver the win for the side.

Smiling throughout the presentation ceremony, Mahomes said that he feels like he plays better when the team is down. He has now said that he will do his best to change this by aiming to start fast and end faster.

Excitement will take a back seat in that case; however, knowing that the ultimate motivation is to win and not just lift the team from the deficit & and then win would offer a lot of relief to the fans. Stats for Mahomes stand at 21/27 for 182 yards and three touchdowns. The close competition was with Jalen Hurts from the Eagles, who registered 27/38 for 304 yards with a single touchdown.

The coach of the Chiefs has said that one can simply not count out Mahomes. True, since Mahomes played a crucial role against the Bengals in clinching a 23-20 victory with 29/43 for 326 yards and two touchdowns.

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