Cocos-BCX Unveils Eco Map 2.0; Highlights Expansion Of Operations

Serving as a globally-accomplished blockchain catering to the development of decentralized gaming spaces, Cocos Blockchain Expedition or Cocos-BCX has released its Ecological Map 2.0 depicting the names of its growing community. The 2.0 version of the Map revealed that the ecology comprises 130 firms including Cocos-BCX and this marks an increase of 20 entities in comparison to the version 1.0 of the network. The Twitter post released by Cocos-BCX team stated:

Coco’s global community contributor Alvin’s introduction mentioned that the team along with its partners have designed over 100 thematic communities, produced  300 articles, and aided production of a plethora of products. The wide range of ecological solutions included Crypto Knights, Evil Dragon Must Die, Monster World, Panda Games, Go Block, CocosABC, Cocos Terminal, ChainIDE, IMCOCOS, and others.

The ecological partners hailing from different decentralization-supported domains as mentioned in Ecological Map 2.0 were: Games- 18, Staking service- 4, layer2- 3, investment institutions- 10, security- 2, wallets- 8, information- 2, development services- 4, Data- 6, content partners- 31, community ecological partners- 41.

Cocos-BCX has evolved its core functionalities manifold times in 2020 by constant support from its partnering firms. It has developed technical support for 2020 ChinaJoy Plus NFT tickets along with the launch of the Ecological Map 2.0 version. In Cocos-BCX ChinaJoy Friends meetup, Alvin highlighted the achievements made by the firm post the release of version 1.0 of its Eco Map.

The Timeline Of Achievements

  • February 27- COCOS transitioned from ERC20 network to its main network. Further on April 2, it moved to Binance, Tiger Symbol, and Bitpie. The wallets executed the Cocos-BCX MainNet switch and started the MainNet COCOS deposit and withdrawal as well as transaction services.
  • On 11th May- The Cocos-BCX MainNet node election vote was launched.
  • On 18th May – COCOS was unveiled on the MCX portal.
  • June 11- XPET launched ‘Monster World’ on Cocos-BCX MainNet.
  • June 15- GPE developed ‘Panda games’ on MainNet.
  • June 27- Chainplay launched its new game ‘The Dragon Must Die’. Another game ‘Go Block’ created by DappBirds was officially launched on Cocos-BCX.

During the beginning of 2020, Cocos-BCX unveiled the NFT mall. This was characterized by the introduction of multiple events including Pizza Festival Pizza NFT, Dragon Boat Festival Zongzi NFT, Liuyi Lollipop NFT, etc. These were in sync with ‘Crypto Knights’ to facilitate linkage aiding the launch of the game badge NFT by the portal.

According to Alvin, since July 30 the Cocos global community’s size has crossed 200,000, local users surpassed the 120,000 figure. The rewards crossed a whopping figure of 10 million COCOS along with a sweeping surge in social media participants as well. Cocos-BCX main network block height crossed 10 million and the account number crossed 1.2 million, and the transactions surged to over 4 million in number. The team is focused to revolutionize the gaming industry with advanced technology and promotion of blockchain gaming services.

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