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CoinPoker announces Lucky 33 Promotion

CoinPoker is running the Lucky 33 Promotion throughout April 2023. A prize pool of ₮5,000 can be won by participating in two separate leaderboards, namely Weekly NLHE Leaderboard and Weekly PLO Leaderboard. Alternatively, the Top 33 players can choose to participate only in a single leaderboard, per their preference.

Combining the entries will give a better chance to win a larger share of the prize pool. The minimum reward for both leaderboards is ₮20, and the maximum reward is ₮200. This will be on top of the regular cash prize. However, players must feature in the list of the top 33 winners at the end of the contest. An MTT ticket worth a respective share of the prize pool will be valid for 30 days from the time it has been issued by CoinPoker.

Prizes for the Lucky 33 Promotion will be distributed by CoinPoker in the following manner:

Position NLHE Weekly Leaderboard PLO Weekly Leaderboard
1-3 ₮200 MTT Ticket ₮200 MTT Ticket
4-9 ₮150 MTT Ticket ₮150 MTT Ticket
10-13 ₮75 MTT Ticket ₮75 MTT Ticket
14-23 ₮50 MTT Ticket ₮50 MTT Ticket
24-33 ₮20 MTT Ticket ₮20 MTT Ticket

The total for both leaderboards comes to ₮2,500 each.

According to the latest casino news, making this interesting is the recent announcement by CoinPoker wherein it has shared that the rakeback has now been increased from 30% to 33%. However, it means players can take home a larger portion of the rake that is collected by CoinPoker subject to the deployment of CHP at the time of participating in events and tournaments.

It is important to note that breaking the rules could lead to disqualification by CoinPoker, or any other equivalent action.

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