Connecticut to become 32nd state in offering iLottery

Connecticut is likely to become the 32nd state in the US to offer an online lottery to its residents. It is live in 31 states, and chances are that another state will be added to the list in the next 2 weeks. The development has been confirmed by Art Mongillo, the Public Affairs Manager at Connecticut Lottery Corp. Art interacted with the media and said that IGT was working on final regulatory requirements.

IGT, an acronym for International Gaming Technology, was initially slated to launch iLottery in 2023; however, it took them a while to make a breakthrough in enabling the launch. The coming two weeks may or may not see the online lottery go live in Connecticut, as it is a tentative timeline. iLottery has been long awaited by the residents—that wait could not possibly come to an end.

The lottery system generally exists in 45 states and Washington, DC. Residents of that state can visit a venue to purchase lottery tickets or instant-win games. Lottery retailers majorly include gas stations, grocery stores, and convenience stores. All a customer has to do is purchase the lottery ticket.

Only 31 states out of 45 states offer online lottery. The 31 states fall into three categories – state-run lottery, via courier service, and both.

A total of 12 states offer online sales via state-run lottery. Sixteen states offer services via courier services. Here, courier services buy tickets on behalf of customers instead of directly selling them. The category is a combination of both and comprises three states. They offer online lotteries through courier services and state-run systems. One can check out some of the best online lottery sites to engage with.

Interestingly, Connecticut legalized iLottery in 2021, and the state was ready to commence its operations. However, IGT took a while to come around in terms of finding a partner and fulfilling regulatory requirements. Approval of iLottery in Connecticut was part of allowing other similar segments like online sports betting and online casinos.

IGT was hired through a long-term contract as a primary lottery provider. IGT signed a contract in May 2023 for 8 years. It is only in 2024 that IGT is likely to deploy its operations and offer iLottery in the state.

Art Mongillo said in May 2023 that they would launch an online lottery in the next few weeks. It took them time, but the service is now more likely to go live. Art, while interacting with the media, said that they only wanted to make sure that everything came out accurately the first time.

Connecticut would now become the 32nd US state to host an online lottery. It serves its residents better since they can use mobile devices or desktops to engage with lotteries from the comfort of their homes.

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