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Cowboys Hope to Recover from Last Playoff Exit

Dallas expects to compensate for last season’s elimination with the picks from 2022 drafts. As expected, the event, scheduled for April 28, has turned the attention towards the Cowboys from Dallas. With eight spots to be filled in, the rowdies are too eager to rewrite their performance in the last season.

It is not easy to push the Cowboys off the chart as their bench still seats a formidable combination of young talents and experienced hands. However, one cannot deny that the roster incurred a significant blow after some crucial offseason takeoffs. Importantly, Amari Cooper’s departure to Cleveland and La’El Collins’ take off to Ohio left a huge hole in the offensive line of the Cowboys.

Yet, this could not be of any concern, as NBA analysts are confident that the team will cement the holes with some intelligent picks in the 2022 drafts. Apart from the offensive line, Jerrah and co. it would also make crucial decisions concerning their linebacker and team’s depth.

La’El Collins and Connor Williams migrating in free agency and the team’s unstable guard might mean they would be using their first pick at 24 on the offensive line. In that case, Kenyon Green or Zion Johnson would make perfect first picks for the Cowboys.

There is a vacuum created in the receiving end of the Cowboys after Amari Cooper’s departure to Cleveland. Also, Cedric Wilson joining the Dolphins has weakened their position. The Cowboys are expected to look for a wide receiver to support CeeDee Lamb and Michael Gallup in the second round at 56.

Although DeMarcus returns after injury, Randy Gregory making his way to the High City, left a slight opening in the edges. There is a huge chance that the team would kindle the deep edge pool to support Lawrence in the subsequent rounds. However, it depends on how the Cowboys plan to use Micah Parsons in the upcoming season.

Micah Parsons, who witnessed one of the great seasons in NFL history after last year’s draft pick, would still need some help from the linebackers. With Leighton Vander Esch constantly injured last year and Jabril Cox just coming off an ACL injury from ACL, the team needs to look for support in the 2022 drafts.

The possible draft picks featured on the Cowboys website have received positive feedback from different corners of the country. The NBA sports betting industry too is ecstatic about the Cowboys gameplay in future playoffs. 

If everything goes as speculated, this event on April 28 can change the team’s fortunes. As the report states, the first three picks of the overall eight will come within 100.

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