Curaçao grants 1-year license extension

The Curaçao eGaming Authority has announced a one-year extension for all master licenses granted by the regulatory body. The ruling aims to give licensed businesses in Curaçao stability and assistance, guaranteeing that players from throughout the world can continue to use online casinos, games of chance, wagering, and sports betting services. 

Sixiènne Jansen, legal counsel to Curaçao’s minister of finance, described the operation of the country’s licenses today. In light of the approaching introduction of the National Ordinance for Games of Chance (LOK), Jansen described how the island would manage licenses at iGB L!VE. 

The LOK is a proposed piece of legislation that will update the nation’s licensing policies for international operators. 

According to existing regulations, operators need approval from one of the four present master license holders to apply for a sub-license. According to Jansen, the administration wants to phase out this system. 

The regulators will begin granting new licenses with more stringent requirements on September 1, even though the law has not yet been introduced to parliament. 

Causes for the Extension and Importance of Continuation 

The decision to renew master licenses is consistent with Curaçao’s larger goal of sustaining a strong and respectable online gambling industry. The integrity of licensed operators is protected by the continuous enforcement of strict regulatory standards by the Curaçao eGaming Authority. This entails routine audits, compliance examinations, and the implementation of anti-money laundering and player safety measures. 

Additionally, Curaçao’s legal environment permits the use of cutting-edge online gaming services, including cryptocurrency casinos and blockchain-based platforms. This adaptability has attracted operators looking to take advantage of cutting-edge technological advancements to improve the player experience.

The master licenses’ one-year extension gives operators the chance to increase their platform investments and product offerings. This could involve adding new games, enhancing user interfaces, providing better customer service, and incorporating cutting-edge payment methods. 

The extension of master licenses guarantees that customers will continue to have access to a huge selection of online casino games, such as slots, table games, and live dealer alternatives. Additionally, it guarantees the accessibility of a variety of betting options, including eSports wagering and sports betting. With the extension, players can place bets with peace of mind using a platform that is governed by the legal framework of Curaçao. 

Licenses issued after September 1 

The Curaçao Gaming Control Board (GCB), the island’s gaming authority, will begin giving licenses to operators immediately on September 1. Licenses issued under the LOK will automatically replace those currently in effect. 

According to the minister, these licenses would have three important features: 

  • These licenses will be granted in accordance with current law rather than the LOK;
  • Operators will receive the licenses directly. The authorization solely entitles the holder to operate a gaming establishment and not to provide sub-licenses;
  • The new license will include guidelines for responsible gaming and anti-money laundering. 

In conclusion, the extension of all Curaçao master licenses presents a promising future for the online gambling sector. Operators may confidently continue to offer their services, and users can take advantage of their preferred online casino games, betting alternatives, and sports betting opportunities. A testament to Curaçao’s standing as a reputable center for online gambling is the country’s dedication to assisting licensed operators and maintaining a regulated and secure gambling environment.

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