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DC Labs Creates Pathbreaking Prediction Model for Esports

Digital Creativity Labs has finally received a new landmark real-time prediction model for esports. The announcement has been made by a team of researchers working at the Digital Creativity Labs or DC Labs.

According to a press release, a team of researchers has divulged the research of the latest prediction model that can predict the result of Dota 2. It will go a long way in altering the future of the esports broadcasting experience.

The latest model possesses the capacity of predicting the winner of the Dota 2 game with a stunning 85 percent exactness rate in just 5 minutes of play. It is worth noting that the model has become a vital part of the latest artificial intelligence and data infrastructure created by DC Labs in cooperation with its partners.

Researches can also unfailingly predict when a player character will die. They will also be able to divulge with great preciseness the result of a match before the start of a game and offer a reflective post-match analysis.

The press release also specified that the research could transform the way spectators watch and communicate with esports by improving audience understanding at all ability levels. Esports betting broadcasters will also be able to make great use of the model’s statistics to correctly predict the unfolding story of the match in a user-friendly manner.

The research may prove to be game-changing, especially for esports titles like Dota 2 that has a strong barrier to entry as a result of its sharp learning curve.

According to DC Labs’ Dr. Victoria Hodge, “Esports, as with all sports, need to maintain an element of doubt to be enjoyable.”

We can conclude here that the revolutionary research is likely to have strong applications within esports broadcasting and live betting.

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