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Detroit Pistons Trade Forward Jerami Grant to Portland Trail Blazers

The tweet from ESPN reporter Adrian Wojnarowski on June 23 reported that the Detroit Pistons had traded their forward Jerami Grant. The Portland Trail Blazers are on the receiving side of the deal and offer 21 million dollars for the player. The trade could give a boost to Portland after the disappointing previous season.

Along with their new forward, the trade-off will offer the Trail Blazers the no.46 of the second-round pick in 2022, as per the latest sports news. And what’s more, the team had offered almost the entire trade exception they created last February when they traded C.J. McCollum to New Orleans.

The Trail Blazers spend this huge amount hoping for a boost in the upcoming season. Thanks to the injury of All-Star Damian Lillard, they put up a disappointing performance last season. Now, all eyes on the Trail Blazers hope for an impressive performance from the duo.

What makes this trade-off even more interesting is that they represented America in the Tokyo Olympic Games. Not only that, their incredible performances helped them defeat Japan in the Finals and bag the gold.

Conversely, the trade-off does not offer Detroit new players but some of the crucial spots in the upcoming NBA Drafts. First, the Pistons will receive no.36 of the second-round pick for the 2022 Drafts, and the 2025 first-round pick acquired through the trade is top-four protected.

This lucrative trade with the Trail Blazers offers Detroit a second-round pick for the same year. The reports further hinted at the Pistons acquiring a “favorable” second-round pick between Portland and New Orleans for the 2026 NBA Drafts.

The Pistons can free up $21 million for the trade exception through this trade-off. The $44 million salary space would prove crucial for the team as free agency begins in about a week.

Coming from Syracuse, Jerami Grant’s run with the Detroit Pistons has been impressive in the last season. The forward averaged 19.2 points in the 47 games he played for the Pistons.

His two seasons with the Pistons were the high point of his career, as he averaged 20.9 points. It is a great improvement considering he averaged 9.3 points in the first three seasons when he played for teams like Philadelphia, Oklahoma City, and Denver.

The trade-off to the Portland Trail Blazers is, in some ways, a homecoming to Jerami Grant. It seems his father, Harvey Grant, was in the first of his three seasons and was playing for the Trail Blazers when Jerami was born in 1994. We will have to wait to see how this homecoming works out for the young player.

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