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FIFA launches Football for 25 Million Children in India

FIFA recently signed an MoU to expose 25 million students in India to Football. Gianni Infantino, FIFA’s President, co-signed the document with AIFF and the Indian Ministry of Education. The initiative, named Titled Football for Schools, will aim to assist students throughout India. The memorandum was signed after the Under-17 Women’s World Cup finals finished. The event was set at Navi Mumbai, where 16 tries from around the globe competed.

Kalyan Chaubey, Shri Dharmendra Pradhan from AIFF, and the Ministry of Education also attended the event. The development will certainly boost India’s exposure to Football, making the sport even more popular. That is why several FIFA betting sites appreciated the move, as it provides them with an untapped customer base. As for official statements, Gianni Infantino talked about the development. 

According to the FIFA President, it is a collaborative effort between FIFA, the football federation, the education system, and the government. According to the latest gaming news, the partnership will work towards finding the most worthy players and turning them into global stars. Above all, the initiative will expose every Indian kid to Football and its values, added Gianni. 

Dharmendra Pradhan tweeted about the development, helping everyone learn about the event. However, it is that several Indian states show for Football; the partnership is expected to yield fruitful results. Moreover, with the effort every involved party is showcasing, the development might put India at the forefront of Football in the coming decade.

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