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Do You Know All the Table Games You Can Play at the Casino?

When people think of casino table games, the first offerings that spring to mind are usually blackjack, roulette, and craps. These are quintessential casino games available to play at any gambling house worth its salt.

But there are also a few other age-old games of chance which are arguably even more exciting than the big guns. If you’re someone who simply sticks to playing the games, you know, you might want to try out some of the other thrilling choices at the casino.

Pai Gow

Pai Gow is a niche game in Western casinos, although it has become much more prevalent in recent years. In places in the Far East like Macao, though, it is one of the dominant table games. It’s a Chinese gambling game that uses 32 Chinese dominoes and is not to be confused with pai gow poker, a card game only loosely based on the domino offering.

When playing pai gow, each player receives a face-down stack of dominoes, which is referred to as a woodpile. They use these to make two hands, which are placed at the front and the rear. A hand value of 9 is the best, with 0 being the worst. If it equals over 10, the tens place is dropped. For example, two dominoes adding up to 16 would be worth a value of 6. To win a bet, the player’s front and rear hand must beat the dealer’s front and rear hand.

Sic Bo

Another table game of Chinese origin is Sic Bo, which sometimes goes by other names, including hi-lo and dai siu. In this dice game, players bet on different parts of a chart, which resembles the betting patterns of a roulette table. The betting is on certain conditions, such as all three dice landing on the same number. The dealer then shakes a chest containing the three dice. In the end, they open them to reveal the outcome and payout to the winning bettors. Internet-based operators have embraced sic bo in recent years to varying degrees. While others may not offer this Asian casino staple, online casino Paddy Power features it as a live-streamed title by the name of Live Sic-Bo Deluxe, which has a 95-97% RTP rate, alongside several other classic and modern live casino tables. The same platform also has a classic, non-live version of Sic Bo available to play.

Let it Ride

For poker fans who are looking for a different take on the traditional game, Let It Ride is a thrilling option. The offering uses poker elements to create an engaging pastime. Jumping on the success of Texas Hold ’em poker, which shot to worldwide fame in the 2000s thanks to the internet and films like Rounders, Let It Ride uses the same poker hands rankings that players are familiar with. In the game, a straight flush is the best hand, with a pair being the lowest. Where the game differs from normal poker, though, is in the fact that the game uses eight decks that are shuffled before each round. This increases the randomness of the game, which, in turn, ups the excitement. This is also a live-streamed casino game, which means you are playing against the house, not other players. 

You may have thought that you already knew all the best table games, but here are a few lesser-known options that are all extremely fun. How about also checking out other niche offerings such as Spin A Win, 3 Card Brag and Buffalo Blitz as well?

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