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DraftKings Marketplace Aims to Debut a Gamified NFT Collection

The NFLPA announced the debut of an NFT collection on DraftKings Marketplace during the 2022–2023 NFL season, in association with operator of sports betting DraftKings Inc.

According to the corporation, beginning next year, fans will play NFT-based games where players from the National Football League (NFL) are featured at most of the NFL betting sites.

OneTeam, the NFLPA’s business partner in the media, facilitated the contract with DraftKings, providing them with the necessary license rights to utilize active NFL players’ images, names, and likeness.

Beth Beiriger, senior VP of product operations for DraftKings Marketplace, said in a statement on the official website that the future of fandom is there in front of their eyes. Few companies, aside from DraftKings, are as well-positioned to profit from the growing crossover between sports and non-traditional technologies (NFTs), which will be key drivers of interest and enjoyment in Web 3.0.

In August, the DraftKings Marketplace launched its debut Tom Brady NFT collection, collaborating with Autograph. Brady co-founded the NFT platform. Besides NFTs, Brady showed his enthusiasm for cryptocurrency by awarding a fan 1 BTC for his 600th touchdown pass.

According to the statement, Customers will be able to purchase and sell products on the Polygon network, as well as use them in multiplayer games. According to Sean C. Sansiveri, general attorney and head of commercial affairs at NFL Players Inc., the NFLPA’s marketing and licensing division, the purpose of the DraftKings NFT experience is to make genuine ties with ardent fans.

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