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Sportradar launches FanID, the first sports data clean room

Sportradar has introduced Sportradar FanID, an end-to-end first-party marketing service and a first of its kind. It facilitates the consolidation of sports industry data cleansing through the utilization of the organization’s well-established marketing initiation technology. This provides companies and rights holders customized fan engagement.

Sportradar effectively provides this service by capitalizing on the robustness of its globally dispersed network comprising clients and partners. In addition to its advanced promotional technology and data coverage, the organization is capable of equipping sports enthusiasts with enhanced insights regarding monetization.

With the elimination of intermediary cookies in 2024, advertisers will be compelled to explore alternative methods of data collection and utilization in order to establish connections with customers. Sportradar’s data cleansing facility confronts these challenges that pertain to the sports industry and permits multiple organizations to link on primary datasets. Implemented utilizing clandestine cloud computing technology, it provides a private and secure means of communicating with sports enthusiasts.

Sportradar FanID provides rights holders with a competitive edge by providing enhanced insights into the preferences and purchasing power of sports enthusiasts, which ultimately benefits the sponsors.

The Sportradar process consists of both data collection and data connection. Data connection and data activation are further components.

According to the top betting news, Rainer Geier, executive vice president of fan engagement at Sportradar, asserts that the elimination of third-party cookies provides a significant opportunity for rights proprietors and companies to acquire additional information about fans, which can be utilized to develop more targeted advertising campaigns. They are currently collaborating with a variety of organizations in order to collect reliable data.

Sportradar Group, a prominent global sports technology company established in 2001, develops immersive betting and sports fan experiences. The company, which is positioned at the crossroads of the sports, media, and betting industries, offers best-in-class solutions to sports federations, news media, consumer platforms, and sports betting operators to help them build their businesses.

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