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UFC pre-match review: Edson Barboza versus Lerone Murphy

Edson Barboza and Lerone Murphy are meeting for Fight Night 241. The event is scheduled to happen this Saturday at UFC Apex in Las Vegas. The featherweight fight has got everyone excited to see their UFC stars. Lerone Murphy, who entered the field as the favorite to win this event, could ruin some of the smiles.

Murphy is a favorite because he has not lost a single UFC fight to date. His clear record gives him the competitive edge required to instill a sense of confidence among fans. Plus, Edson has been inconsistent. He played a total of four fights, winning two of them and losing the remainder. This pertains to the last four fights. So, momentum and confidence are backing Murphy to win the event.

Murphy’s MMA records are 13-0-1 and 5-0-1 in the UFC. His strike accuracy roughly translates to 50% over an average of 3.65 strikes per minute. His striking defense is also worth mentioning: 56%, which completely complements his strike absorption of 2.40.

His numbers in the takedown section are equally impressive. Takedown defense comes in at 46%, while accuracy shines at 46%. His average number of takedowns is 1.29 for every 15 minutes.

The other two events to look forward to are between Khaos Williams & Carlston Harris and Luana Pinheiro & Angela Hill.

Khaos Williams & Carlston Harris will engage in the UFC Welterweight division. Khaos has a record of 14-3 in MMA and 5-2 in the UFC. Harris, on the other hand, has a record of 19-5 and 4-1 in MMA and UFC, respectively. Khaos is more likely to win the event. Harris can still put up a fight to bring the concluding moment to the total round prop.

Luana Pinheiro & Angela Hill will take the stage for the UFC Women’s Strawweight division. Luana has a record of 11-2 and 4-1 in MMA and UFC, in the same order. Her average is 3.89 strikes per minute, with an accuracy of 41%. Her strike defense translates to 62%, with an absorption rate of 4.38 strikes. Luana’s takedowns are 2.36 every 15 minutes, with 40% accuracy and 66% defense.

Hill is still likely to win, but she has been inconsistent in the past. Some of the best UFC betting sites that are siding with Murphy can also be seen favoring Angela. Luana has a proven track record and better form, giving her a slight chance of making an impact. Hill may end up on the losing side if Pinheiro decides to leverage her confidence and momentum.

Murphy could return the victory to his home. Edson will have to return for another fight and prove his worth. The same principle applies to Luana Pinheiro & Angela Hill, depending on who makes the best of the gap that appears in the moments.

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