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FIFA WWC 2023: Norway’s 6-0 win vs. Philippines sets a new tone

Norway beat the Philippines by 6-0 and has set a new tone for the FIFA Women’s World Cup. There are two reasons for this: Broader victories are becoming common in the global tournament, and the world now has two confirmed sports in the Round of 16. Norway has made it to the next Round. They are scheduled to play the match on August 06, 2023. The opponent is yet to be decided, and so is Switzerland.

The Philippines could bring a single score on the board but did manage to land a red card. That was earned by Sofia Nicole in the 67th minute of the game.

Norway made sure that they moved on with the game and the stage by finding the next six times. Half of the contribution came from Sophie Haug/ This includes an opener in the 6th minute. Two more nets followed in the 17th minute, and 90+ extra time. Notably, this has put her in the top ranks of top scorers in the tournament. All her goals came against the Philippines. She now shares the rank with Popp from Germany, Amanda from Sweden, and Ary from Brazil.

Norway has played all of their group matches to end the stage at the second number of Group A. Switzerland is at the top with 5 points, and Norway is at the second spot with 4 points.

What really made things worse for the Philippines was their inability to revive the lost possession. The number stood at 28% with just 247 passes. Assuming they were relying on a 4-4-2 line-up defense, the attack managed to come strong with higher passes and much higher possession of the game. Norway managed to find 31 shots toward the target, with 13 of them hitting the spot.

Only 4 shots were taken by the Philippines in this response, with just a single going their way. Needless to say, McDaniel stayed busy in the area.

And just when things could not go any wrong, Alicia Barker made the mistake of finding the opponent’s net herself in the 48th minute. The Defender wanted the ball to bounce back. It instead hit her knee and made it difficult for McDaniel to stop the diversion.

Nothing went their way, literally. Norway earned a penalty kick, and Guro leveraged it to the best of her capacity. Her cool mind hit the ball to the left of the goal on the lower side, finding the spot at the right time.

This was a do-or-die match for them. Losing would have cost the spot and a second loss in the group stage. The Philippines would have made it if it were not for the loss. Best online football betting sites had their odds favoring the Philippines because the side was coming from a victory against New Zealand – hosts who are now out of the tournament.

Having said that, Australia, co-host of the tournament, could also be out from the event if they do not pursue victory in the next match against Canada on July 31, 2023, in Melbourne Rectangular Stadium.

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