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FanDuel registers higher internet casino revenue in April in Michigan

Michigan’s gaming control board has published numbers for April 2024. In terms of revenue for internet casinos, FanDuel has topped the list. The operator banked $50.7 million in a single month, making it the second consecutive time FanDuel has had revenue of more than $50 million.

While it is less than its monthly all-time high of $57.6 million, it is 21.1% higher than what it was in April 2023. Its total gross earnings reached more than $1 billion. FanDuel collected $199.6 million in the first four months of 2024. That roughly translates to an increase of 61.2% on a yearly basis.

Michigan’s gaming control board has also published numbers for other platforms. In April 2024, ESPN BET reported winnings worth $4.6 million. This is an increase of 21.7% in comparison to Barstool, its predecessor. It has so far claimed revenue worth $19.8 million in 2024, up by 27.3% for the same duration in the previous year.

Caesars Palace and Fanatics Casino set personal best records by registering all-time monthly revenue highs. The month-over-month increase for Ceasars was $11.3 million. This marks the fourth consecutive month for the operator to reach eight figures in winnings. All-time revenue now totals $200 million.

Fanatics’ revenue amounted to $3.3 million. This is the fourth consecutive time that Fanatics has bagged revenue of more than $3 million. In comparison to March this year, the mark of $3.3 million is up by 4.6%. The first two months have seen Fanatics generate revenue worth $6.4 million.

Winnings for DraftKings came to $38.5 million. It had registered a figure of $40.4 million in the previous month, i.e., March 2024. This is the  fifth consecutive time that the operator has earned more than $35 million in winnings. The operator has only achieved this feat once before, and that was before December. Year-to-date winnings come to $152.1 million. It is safe to say that some of the best online casinos in the USA have earned significantly in Michigan. They continue to provide residents with top-notch content across all categories on the platform.

Winnings at BetRivers reached $12.5 million, marking the operator’s third consecutive month above $12 million.

Michigan, as a state, was eligible to collect $35.8 million in taxes on its adjusted gross revenue of $174.2 million. The gross revenue came to $192.9 million from a total of 15 online casino operators.

As the state and operators progress to score bigger numbers in the future, it will be equally important for them to lay some weight on responsible gambling and address the issue of gambling addiction.

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