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FunFair: Here’s How This Blockchain Casino Platform is Changing the Gaming Industry?

When it comes to the choice between online casinos and blockchain-powered casinos, you need to make an intelligent decision depending upon your preferences. Both have their own set of advantages as well as lacunas and it is the user who needs to take the last call while choosing the preferred medium of betting. Take, for instance, the aspect of decentralization and security where blockchain-powered casinos are far ahead of the conventional online casinos. However, if you are looking to have instant gaming experience with rich and immersive participation, then the conventional online casinos are the ones to go for.

FunFair: Best of Both Worlds

FunFair has come up with a blockchain platform which combines the positives of both conventional online casinos and blockchain-powered casinos. You get the features of instant gaming and vibrant experience on a decentralized platform that is based on the Ethereum blockchain and smart contracts. FunFair offers a number of advantages, including the likes of extending low-cost blockchain platform, fair and just gaming experience, and offering high safety and security aspects to players.

Unique Advantages

FunFair has been widely recognized owing to its ability to provide turnkey solutions for the gaming industry. This essentially means that the platform is a one-stop solution for all your gaming needs – establish casinos, start operations, enroll gamers, and process payments at a single platform. All these things can be accomplished in just a matter of minutes and thanks to the feature of the decentralized platform; there is no threat of hacking, online fraud, or even interference from any third party for stress-free gaming operations.

In order to provide you instant gain experience, FunFair has also employed its revolutionary technology, Fate Channel, which addresses one of the primary criticisms of blockchain casinos that these casinos are slow in providing instant gaming experience.

An even bigger advantage offered by FunFair is on the cost front where the processing cost related to the network is only 10% of what one requires to bear in case of other blockchain-powered casinos. This is indeed a huge saving and helps you to save precious bucks in the long run. Further, the platform provides the facility for making the transactions via FUN tokens, which makes the payments fast and seamless.


FunFair has been spot on in finding the gap in the online casino industry and filling it with the help of its blockchain-powered platform. You can make your casino live within minutes and start accepting biddings in a fair, just, and non-partisan manner. Give it a try and you won’t stop singing in its praise – it’s that much convenient.

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