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Draws for Olympic Soccer groups conclude

Draws for Olympic soccer have concluded, and a total of four groups in the men’s category and three groups in the women’s category have been formed. The top two teams from each group of both genders will advance to the quarterfinals. The US and France have been clubbed together and are also scheduled to play the opener for the first time since 2008. The other teams in Group A are New Zealand and the one that will win the Intercontinental play-off.

Group B in the men’s category has Argentina, Ukraine, and Morocco, and all three are waiting to be the fourth team as soon as possible. Group C and Group D are also waiting for the fourth team to join the club. They currently host Spain, Egypt, the Dominican Republic, and Paraguay, Mali, and Israel, respectively. Nations from the Asian Football Confederation will soon join their respective tables.

The Women’s category features fewer groups but has the same rule: the top two teams from each group secure a spot in the first knockout round.

France will lock horns with New Zealand, Canada, and Colombia in Group A. In the women’s category, the US could meet France in the later stages—that is, if both teams qualify and eventually find a spot against each other. Till then, the US will face Germany, Australia, Morocco, or Zambia, depending on who makes it to the table.

Group C also awaits its fourth team to make an appearance. It currently houses Japan, Spain, and Brazil.

France’s team is likely to have Kylian Mbappe if the club releases him. Should that occur, Thierry Henry’s coaching leadership will add Mbappe to the team as an age exception. The roster for the US team has yet to be out, but it is expected that they will also field three age-exception players. U23 players will make up the rest.

The Paris Olympic Games have brought excitement to fans all over the world. Those who are attending the event physically will be able to encapsulate the essence of soccer at a global level. Others can still engage with the sport by watching the broadcast and/or engaging with some of the best soccer betting sites. The latter enables them to demonstrate their knowledge about the game and get rewards in return, provided they choose the right odds and things work in their favor. In the opposite scenario, participants can lose their wager.

The US Women will open the tournament on July 25, 2024, against Morocco or Zambia. They have previously won four Olympic championships: 1996, 2004, 2008, and 2012. Sam Kerr, who is reportedly undergoing ACL recovery treatment, is unlikely to compete for Australia.

Seven cities have been shortlisted to host men’s and women’s tournaments: Paris, Nantes, and Bordeaux, among others.

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