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England vs Wales FIFA World Cup 2022: Eng wins against Wales with a score of 3-0

At the Ahmed bin Ali Stadium, Qatar, England fetched a terrific win by 3-0, while Wales could not grab a single goal in the FIFA World Cup 2022 Group match between the two teams. It was a nerve-wracking match for football fans as the super-defensive Wales team could not stop England from scoring three goals back-to-back after the half time.

The chances remained open for the Wales team as the scoreboard displayed 0-0 during half-time. But soon, the amazing performances from England gave Wales a tough time to overcome.

Rashford was the first one to put England in a leading position. Soon Foden followed in his footsteps and gave another point to the England team. Rashford was still not done. When getting close to full-time, Rashford made the last goal of the match, putting Wales in an unrecoverable spot.

The England team made 18 shots while Wales was stuck with 7. England had a massive possession of 65% and a pass accuracy of 88%. In comparison, Wales possessed 35% and a pass accuracy of 78%. Wales got two fouls, while England escaped by getting both yellow and red cards.

Securing a win, England is all set to go to the Round of 16 while Wales bids goodbye to FIFA World Cup 2022. England tops the charts in the standings of Group B, while Wales sinks to the bottom.

Fans eagerly look forward to the more wins that England has in store. In the stadium, England supporters raised their beer mugs and screamed at the top of their lungs to celebrate the terrific win.

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