EveryMatrix obtains WLA Safer Gambling certification

EveryMatrix, an iGaming provider, became the first company in this vertical to obtain a World Lottery Association (WLA) Safer Gambling certificate after a detailed audit. The company has been witnessing exponential growth in the field of offering betting and gaming technology and has now become one of the iLottery providers to have received this certification.

The WLA appreciates the company’s pledge to carry out its operations responsibly and be known for promoting the concept of safer gambling. Through this, EveryMatrix will be able to gain further popularity.

EveryMatrix was put through a critical auditing exercise so as to be able to obtain the certification. The procedures involved making provisions for convincing the officials of WLA that they would be strictly abiding by the guidelines set up by WLA and properly safeguarding gamers.

The company has an Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) policy that comes with a robust, safer gambling plan for ascertaining all workers of the company and its clients are provided with the required tools made accessible to them and remain aware at all times. EveryMatrix is known to be operating from twelve places globally.

According to the CEO of EveryMatrix, Ebbe Groes, it is a matter of extreme pride for them to have received the WLA certificate. Their top priority is safeguarding all connected gamers by providing them with all the information related to safe gambling.

So far as the Senior Compliance Counsel and Safer Gambling Co-ordinator of EveryMatrix, Naomi Koops, is concerned, The company has taken a solemn pledge to abide by the guidelines laid down by WLA, both in the case of their lottery associations and their customers.

According to the latest gambling news, In the words of the CSR Senior Manager of WLA, Melissa Azam, it was a pleasure handing over their certification to EveryMatrix, as, in her opinion, they simply deserved it considering their efforts at maintaining safer gambling rules.

EveryMatrix is involved in providing iGaming software as well as solutions, content, and services concerning casino, sports betting, payments, and subsidiary control. The company targets international Tier 1 operators and fresh brands. The platform comes with upgradeability options, providing operators with the opportunity to select the best EveryMatrix solution. The company boasts of having 750 people working for them and is spread over twelve countries around the world. The company is known to be connected with over 300 customers globally, with its prime country for operations being the U.S. EveryMatrix is a part of the World Lottery Association, as well as the European Lotteries Association and iDEA Growth of the U.S.

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