New-Orleans Lawmaker Contemplating Banning Gaming Ads

Freshman State Representative Shawn Mena, who represents Mid-City, seriously contemplates banning all gaming advertisements. In his viewpoint, this should include advertisements and promotional activities on gaming sites and casinos utilizing TVs, print publications, and social media. Though he seems firm, others completely disagree with the proposition and feel it is not at all viable.

One major factor attributed to this is that online sports wagering has become a billion-dollar industry throughout the country and is only increasing daily. Out of 64 parishes, 55 are certified in the state. They also have the consent of voters from the various New Orleans parishes. Only the Democrat is responsible for Bill 727.

According to Mena, when putting up hotline numbers about national gaming addiction, they have increased it to 1-800 numbers for better access. The bill is for safeguarding the interests of the families of addicts, too.

However, according to gambling news, in the opinion of State Senator and a Republican from River Ridge, Kirk Talbot, he does not have much hope for the bill to be passed. The reason he provides is the immense popularity of gaming in Louisiana. He believes the Caesars Superdome takes the cake in advertising gaming.

WDSU’s Travers Mackel, too, feels the bill is inappropriate as the advertising ban takes away the gaming industry’s rights, which is just another vertical.

After Mena’s bill came one from a congressman from New York who is following in the same path; in his belief, Representative Paul Tomko’s “Betting on Our Future App” would also be banning ads on TV, radio, and online. This legislation was proposed following the ban on cigarette companies from displaying ads.

Mena agrees that the correct platform for the bill is the state legislature. As of date, the bill is with a House committee.

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