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FIFA Joins Up With WTO to Expand on Economic Inclusion

FIFA has taken the positive step of formally tying up with the World Trade Organization (WTO). This has taken place with the prime intention of scoring all possible avenues of developing means to further the aspect of more economic inclusion, especially related to the developing world.

This optimistic partnership has been formally spelled out in a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), which was duly exchanged between Gianni Infantino, the FIFA President, and the Director General Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala of WTO. Through this MOU, the collective decision is to focus on complete cooperation between the two bodies in all matters of exchange of viewpoints and opinions, creating a favorable road map and effectively and competently executing the same. 

Another important aspect, as per the MOU, is that, from here on, both of these organizations will actively involve themselves in the proper understanding and evaluation of the economical influence that football presently has over world economies and effective ways and means of increasing the possibilities of creating a more viable scenario.  

According to Gianni Infantino, the FIFA President, in present times, FIFA plays an active role in redistributing its earnings and resources among 211 associations that are their members. This financial assistance goes a long way in all matters of infrastructure building and development and in providing better amenities associated with football. The need, however, as he further spells out, is to be able to make further improvements, involving more innovative ideas and means on all fronts.

Where the WTO Director-General is concerned, he shares that his vision is to work more effectively and beneficially in the field of women empowerment, which will be much more within reach, with opportunities for increasing revenues opening up.

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