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FIFA U-17 World Cup: Complete schedule with essential details

There is a strong possibility that Argentina and France will lock horns again in the FIFA event’s final. This time, it could be in the Under-17 category. Making this evident is the recent conclusion of the quarter-finals of the FIFA U17 World Cup, wherein both teams emerged victorious against their respective opponents. Argentina and France are now scheduled to face Germany and Mali on November 28, 2023.

Indonesia has been a tremendous host, and the global football phenomenon makes it even more obvious. Semis will happen on the same day, November 28, 2023, in two consecutive time slots.

  • Argentina versus Germany will be hosted at Manahan Stadium
  • France versus Mali will follow in the same field in the next time slot

Brazil and Spain have been knocked out pretty dramatically. Although predictions predicted a close contest between Brazil and Argentina, Argentina established their dominance in the 90-minute runaway, which Claudio led by himself. He established a solitary net as a lone combatant three times, once in the first half and twice in the second.

The defending champions seemed destined to pursue victory in order to progress, as their goalless run indicated. Except for the beginning, when they were defeated 3-2 by Iran, Brazil has been performing at their peak under the leadership of Kuaa Elias. England, who were at the top of the standings, suffered one of the tournament’s most unexpected defeats by a score of 2-1 to Uzbekistan.

Spain are out of the tournament as well, having lost to Germany in a nail-biting 1-0 final tally. Paris Brunner scored a goal in the 64th minute, courtesy of a penalty shot. FIFA betting sites had their splits equally between Germany and Spain, with fans being inclined more toward Germany right from the beginning. Interestingly, no player from the German side is in the top five goal scorers so far.

Mali has advanced to the semi-finals, where they will face France. Their 1-0 victory over Morocco, thanks to Ibrahim’s goal, has advanced them to the next round. It will most likely bring an end to their quest; otherwise, another surprise is possible. Argentina and Germany are two contestants to keep an eye on. Argentina has been ferocious and aggressive, showing no mercy to their opponents. This mindset has worked well for them, as Agustin and Claudio are the tournament’s leading scorers.

France and Mali could have France as the obvious favorites unless a result literally upsets everyone. Argentina and Germany could see a final tally of 2-1 or 2-0 in favor of Argentina. France versus Mali could land 2-0 or 3-1 as the final outcome. Another Argentina versus France final in the FIFA tournament will bring the world back to its edge, as it did on December 18, 2022.

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