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FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023: Germany and Brazil win big

The intentions of Germany and Brazil are pretty clear, to stop the US from claiming the title in this year’s edition of FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023. Both teams registered the biggest victories in the tournament. Assuming other teams attempt to come closer, these will go on to remain the biggest wins this season. Brazil beat Panama 4-0, while Germany backed its strikers for a 6-0 win over Morocco.

Panama and Morocco have a lot to cover now.

Germany and Brazil are leading their respective groups with 3 points each. Specifically speaking, Germany is at the top of Group H with a goal difference of 6. Brazil is leading Group F with a GD of 4. The core advantage is likely to help Germany since Columbia, too, has a win for 3 points. However, they are in line with a GD of 2 and hence, in the second position. Goal difference will come into play only if both teams have the same score for further qualification.

Having a few in reserves still helps gain that momentum and confidence.

First, on to Brazil, Ary Borges scored a hattrick for the side in the 19th, 39th, and 70th minute. She is now leading the list of scorers. Panama had no answer – defense and attack – letting Beartiz score the 3rd goal pretty easily in the 48th minute. That was enough to put pressure in the second half, not letting the opponents rest for a minute.

Brazil also dominated the event in terms of possession, having the ball with them 73% of the time. Their shots were more for Bailey than she had probably imagined. The line-up of 5-4-1 could have been reconstructed to face the 4-4-2 Brazilian line-up. Izidoro had a relaxing day, knowing that defenders are capable of misdirecting the ball when it enters the goal-scoring area.

The 4-0 victory over Panama has given Brazil an opening victory in all nine editions of the World Cup. This is by an aggregate of 27-1. Interestingly, Borges has become the 5th different player to bring up a 3-goal score in her FIFA World Cup debut. The last one to achieve the feat was Gaelle Enganamoult in 2015. As for Panama, it has become the 8th team to go beyond being goalless in their World Cup debut.

Germany has Alexandra Popp on the second rank in terms of goal scorer. She put up a brave double in the first half. Morocco could have registered a lower margin had it not scored two own goals. Advantage – Germany – for they are now on a much heavier side in the group stage. This simultaneously means that Morocco has a huge difference to cover in the remaining 2 group matches that are scheduled to happen against Columbia and South Korea. Online football betting sites may be modifying their favorites now; however, it is advised to keep track of how the game goes from this point.

The Round of 16 commences on August 05, 2023. It will be followed by Quarter-Final and Semi-Final before giving the world its next champion in FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023.

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