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FIFA World Cup 2022: South Korea made the last-moment 2-1 win against Portugal

The enthusiasm of South Korean supporters was unbounded in the Education City Stadium, Qatar. They held their flags above their heads and cheered all along. During half-time, the score was 1-1, and the disappointment in Portugal fans was evident when Ronaldo missed two goal opportunities. 

The passing accuracy of Portugal was above 90%, while South Korea was close to that figure. Portugal attempted more shots as South Korea needed to better their number of shots. South Korea was also behind in the possession numbers; however, the difference was around 10% only. 

In the first 45 minutes of the match, R. Horta from the Portugal team and Y. Kim from South Korea secured a goal individually. The two teams played before in the FIFA World Cup 2002 competition on 14th June. South Korea took the upper hand in that match and won with a 1-0 score. 

In Group H standings, Portugal held first place while South Korea was in the last position. In today’s match, Portugal benefited greatly from Dalot and Cancelo. As he reached the near goal post on the right side, Dalot tried to send a cross into the box along the ground, but Suenggyu of South Korea blocked the attempt. 

When an additional 6 minutes was awarded, South Korea’s wind took a complete U-turn in the most sensational way that FIFA World Cup 2022 has ever seen. H. Hwang stole the show and cemented South Korea’s position into the Knockout rounds. The last goal from Hwang pushed SK not only to win the match but also escalated its rank to the second position.

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