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FIFA World Cup 2022 Updates: Cameroon defeats Brazil with a header from Aboubakar

The FIFA World Cup 2022 appeared to have witnessed yet another first. Cameroon’s team faced up against Brazil’s, who are widely regarded as having one of the game’s most talented and dangerous rosters, and the result was a match that will go down in history as one of the greatest ever played. 

The stadium seemed to be bursting at the seams with an unusually large crowd of spectators and fans, expectantly waiting for the game to start. The first half of the game seemed to be a little slow in the picking. However, as the moments began to pass, the crowds began to witness more action on the part of both teams. There came a time when it became clear that the Cameroon team had a point to prove and was playing accordingly. They almost seemed to have strategically surrounded the Brazilians, not giving even a single inch of respite.

On the part of the Brazilian team, it was clear that the game they were playing had everything to do with living up to their reputation. Some of the long shots and parrying moments against their opposing Cameroonian side seemed to speak about their past glory and the sheer mastery they had over the game of football. Though the game was filled with glorious moments, the end saw Vincent Aboubakar execute his brilliant header to clinch the game. 

The match ended with Cameroon defeating Brazil by a single goal. However, despite the win, the team from Cameroon sees itself making an exit from the games and Brazil moving on to the Round of 16.

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