Gonzaga Higuero is the new CEO of Codere Group

The Codere Group, which is involved in betting and gaming operations in Spain, has brought on board their new CEO, Gonzaga Higuero. Previous to this, he was employed by Ambuiberica-Emeru, a group engaged in health transportation. This health transportation operator is by far the absolute top-of-the-line player in this industry. It also has the distinction of being the second in line amongst the transport operators functioning in the whole of Europe. 

During his stint in Ambuiberica-Emeru, Higuero was responsible for the department dealing with the refinancing process and turnaround and was instrumental in the company being bought over by Real Assets Investment Management in 2021. Before his engagement with this health transportation company, his career graph witnessed him holding multiple managerial positions in various organizations. Some of the names include Prosegur, a security company in Spain, LatAm, and the EMEA. 

According to Higuero, he is fully aware that for him, it will be a complete uphill task to take over the reins of the organization and lead it towards better growth opportunities, as well as create a sound structure coupled with a stronger base. In his opinion, his mettle will be tested when he is able to make the required difference to the existing entertainment and gaming industry as it stands today. 

As for the Chairman of the Codere Group, Christopher Bell, he firmly believes that bringing Higuero on board as the CEO will open the doors for the organization to gain a more solid footing after the pandemic, a period that witnessed a lot of setbacks for their entire team and the organization on the whole. He is of the viewpoint that this will be the opportunity of the evening to score.  

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