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Hornets defeat visiting Hawks for first 3-game winning streak

The Charlotte Hornets marked their third consecutive win in this NBA season for the first time. The feat came after defeating the visiting Atlanta Hawks by 122-99 at Spectrum Center. This is the second time the Hornets restricted their opponent to a score of less than a hundred; the first time, however, it converted into a win.

The dominance of the Hornets was brought into question right from the beginning. Atlanta switched to an aggressive mode for a first-quarter tally of 29-31. Currently, at a 13-41 overall record, Charlotte opened their defensive stretch in an obvious response to the incoming attack. Later, they utilized every possible opportunity that came their way. What made this evident was the comeback of 32-24 in the following quarter.

Their total of 61 points came in handy to the contest versus 55 points. A surplus of 6 points expanded by 10 more points after halftime. The third quarter held the Hawks back to their feet, making navigating their way to the basket less convenient. As the basketball game continued, it became natural that the winner would be Charlotte. The only thing that could snatch the moment was silly mistakes.

Those were avoided with 26 points in the concluding lap, letting Atlanta settle at 19 points. The Hawks possibly triggered the survival instincts of the Hornets, who were determined to bag their third consecutive win for the first time this season. Books recorded the final scores of 122–99.

It is right to state that the Hornets had multiple players leading from the front. Brandon Miller put up 26 points, along with 4 assists and 6 rebounds. Closely following in his footsteps was Tre Mann, with 21 points on top of 6 assists and 8 rebounds.

The Hawks did not lack a leader but did lack the will to chase the deficiency and convert it in their favor. Hunter bagged 21 points in basketball with 1 assist and 3 rebounds. The next in line was Jalen Johnson, who brought in 10 points without any assistance but with 12 rebounds.

Three-pointers were more for Charlotte, which stats show to be at 40.5% compared to 23.7%. Field goals also favored them, with 49.4% against 40.4% for Atlanta. The Hornets will next face the Utah Jazz, while Atlanta gears up to lock horns with the Toronto Raptors.

A basketball competition between the Warriors and the Clippers is underway as the article is being drafted. The Warriors are leading by 113-111 in the fourth quarter. LA has less time to cover up, but they seem to be doing fine—probably a strategy they will roll out at the last moment, heightening the anticipation for basketball enthusiasts wagering on the outcome through online basketball betting sites.

Upcoming NBA games to look out for are the Grizzlies versus the Bucks, the Jazz versus the Warriors, and the Trail Blazers versus the Timberwolves. The Eastern Conference table is currently led by the Celtics, followed by the Cavaliers. The Western Conference table is currently led by the cs, followed by the Thunder in second place.

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