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Spencer Knight makes 40 saves for Florida Panthers

Spencer Knight, who plays for the Florida Panthers, successfully blocked 40 goals intended to be scored by the Carolina Hurricanes. Ultimately, the Florida Panthers won the game with a 3-0 score. 

According to the sports news, Spencer Knight, he began to play, telling himself that he would not waver and play his natural game. In his opinion, the reason behind their historic win is the entire team of Florida Panthers. He feels there was an enormous amount of coordination in the overall teamwork, with all the team members giving the game their best shot and push.

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Even where the team’s coach, Paul Maurice, is concerned, he aired his views on Spencer and the kind of game he played. In his opinion, the game was getting tough for the Florida Panthers players when Spencer slowly began to change the very charter of the game. It was as if all his mental faculties were rearranging and forming a perfect line. He used his mental capacity and strength to their full capacity and took the challenging team head-on. Ever since that time, there was no looking back for Spencer. He began to play his extraordinary best and used his complete focus on stemming the goals that were being tried to be scored. In his view, this quality makes a goalkeeper great from the good.

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