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FIFA And AFC On A Collective Tour To Syria

There is a possibility that Syria could soon host friendly matches, provided the joint assessment of FIFA and AFC goes well to give the region the green light. Syria has participated in the eligible games of FIFA and AFC; however, it is yet to host a game due to high-security concerns.

Moreover, the development and renovation of the infrastructure for football and other sports are also on hold for the same reason. FIFA has policies that can only be implemented if the conditions are stable in the country. The ultimate objective is to promote the game and send positive messages through it while implementing the development programs.

A joint delegation is, therefore, planning to tour Syria and review if the country is ready to host friendly matches in the times to come. Gianni Infantino and Salah Edeen Ramadan met in Doha. Gianni Infantino is the President of FIFA, and Salah Edeen Ramadan is the President of the Syrian Football Association.

Reportedly, the meeting went well and efforts to partner with relevant authorities, including the United Nations, are in place to implement the development plan in Syria.

The ongoing security concerns have, for a long time, made the residents compromise on participating in international tournaments or even seeing those matches. A slight peek can bring out the most awaited revolution, provided games happen in the region.

Syria is not doing well at the moment as the team does not feature in the top rankings of FIFA. Both men’s and women’s sides have Syria absent from the list. Brazil dominates the men’s side, and the United States of America dominates the women’s side.

Assuming the delegation’s visit goes well and Syria can organize matches, it will give a huge boost to locals, who will be encouraged to at least appear for the tryouts.

Chances are that Syria will earn some good players in the attempt. A good infrastructure supported by a well-drafted development program could take Syria to the world stage if not get it on the top ten list in a couple of years. A region battling with security concerns will have positivity all around it even with a single international friendly match.

Picks for FIFA betting may expand their options with participants to be careful as statistics are subject to change after every match. Odds in best FIFA betting sites are on the side of Syria, with the region still standing a strong chance of coming out a winner to prove itself.

Development programs normally look to expand the skills of players who have the potential to tackle some of the best defenses on the field. Renovation of infrastructure gives them enough space to practice and hone their skills for all the matches.

Gianni Infantino has laid out a vision of organizing competitions in the region, and the tour to Syria aligns with it.

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