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How to Make Continuation Bets in Poker Like a Pro

To begin with, a continuation bet is a bet you make after missing a flop, resulting in you joining the play as a preflop raiser. Its main purpose is to get your opponent out of hand. It also provides an ideal betting opportunity as your bet could end up winning the pot when nobody has a hand.

However, it is highly advised against playing a continuation bet all the time. You are required to think deeply about the texture of the flop and be cautious when it is dangerous. Therefore, ensure you mix it up a bit.

Benefits and Risks of a C-Bet

As earlier stated, c-bets interests are related to helping you to win the pot when nobody has connected with the flop. However, that’s not all as a list of c-bet advantages follows suit.

  •     The bet helps you to build a pot if you have a big hand or a quality draw. Building big-sized pots will enable you to withstand bigger bets until you price-out your opponents.
  •     A continuation bet likewise provides balance in the post-flop strategy. You can take down the pot if the opponent does not have any hand or put them under considerable pressure if they hold a marginal hand. Remember, a c-bet is made of strong and weak hands.

That said, here’s a slight analysis of the risks of a c-bet. In case you are making a betting consideration, it is always vital to assess whether the conditions are right to continue. Here’s what to avoid as a preflop raiser, or otherwise, you will end up making losses.

  •     Avoid making a continuation bet against someone who never folds. Practicing such is a losing strategy. When facing such opponents, concentrate more on making value bets.
  •     Do not underestimate your opponent’s aggressiveness. When you are frequently called to c-bet with a marginal hand, you will be compelled to forfeit your balance regularly.

How to Make a C-Bet and the Essentials to Consider

Having understood what a c-bet is and all it entails, you must be wondering what is left for you to start playing and take advantage of the unlimited bonuses being issued by many casinos. If you want to try your luck with online poker here, OnlineCasinoGems curates the best poker rooms on the internet.

But before that, bear in mind the challenges of amateur poker players. Most beginners aren’t well conversant with how and when to c-bet, and that’s why this blog is essential. Below you’ll find what poker pros put into consideration when deciding when to c-bet or not.

Understanding the Number of Opponents

Head-up confrontation is the main strategy behind continuation betting. In case the pot has three players, your position becomes a great consideration before making a c-bet.

For a play where the opponents exceed three in number, make sure your c-bet frequency is considerably low. Likewise, in such situations, c- bet only when you are connected to the flop.

C-Betting for Value Other Than Bluff

Generally, pros understand the benefit of c-betting every time they have a good hand. This helps one to build up the pot and realize optimal value. Even though there are debates about the need to check and allow your opponent to bluff instead, the rare eventuality of your opponent checking behind provides the best winning opportunity.

Understanding What Your C-Bet Represents and the Much You Should Make

Should an Ace come down the flop, all your c-bet represents is you have an Ace. The main strategy to use here is evaluating how much it will cost to knock the opponents out of their hand, and eventually make a bet.

By understanding the different thresholds each player will have to protect their equity, you will find varying resilience levels to c-betting. You need to find the optimal level in such a way that, if someone comes over the top, you’ll only end up losing the minimum.

Make Sure You C-Bet Frequently After Losing a Flop

The main tip here is frequently and not all the time. It is important to know that c-bets aren’t 100% successful, and that’s the reason you should try your luck with around 65 to 70% of the flops.

When you raise pre-flop, all you are communicating is you have a high card in it – Aces, Kings, Queens – a flop with them is perfect for a bluff. However, avoid c-betting on coordinated flops. Always think of what your opponent could be having to prevent crossovers.

Maintain the Ideal Poker Face – a General Poker Rule

When talking about betting like a pro, the poker face rule becomes a great consideration to abide by. The practice demands that you try as best as you can to avoid revealing whether you have a strong or weak hand during plays.

As positioning is essentially important in c-betting, opponents take the chance to guess the cards you might be having through how excited or uneasy you may seem. Irrespective of how unfair it might sound, it is always vital to make sure you mask your emotions to save your strategy.

How to Improve Your Game Without Incurring Huge Casino Costs

To those looking for a way to avoid losing huge chunks of money in an attempt to boost their poker knowledge, here’s what you need to know. Buy ideally made poker chips here and enjoy the game with 2 or 3 friends as you help each other learn the basics and get your game right.

Wrap Up

In conclusion, c-betting comes in handy when you raise preflop and thin the field without improving the flop. Its working principle is the opponents will likewise not improve their flop, and they’ll be convinced you’ve got a big hand.

Nevertheless, it is important to follow your card strength when facing multiple opponents. Lastly, this kind of bet works best in tournaments as opponents there are less willing to risk their finite amount of chips against apparent strength.

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