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IGT delivers the first omnichannel WAP

International Game Technology (IGT) declared the fact that it has successfully delivered the very first omnichannel Wide Area Progressive (WAP) jackpot in the U.S. This was carried out with the help of a Wheel of Fortune slot connected in the territory of New Jersey. This very landmark occurrence will provide the opportunity for gamers belonging to New Jersey to go ahead and carry home winnings from games that come with jackpot liquidity, in terms of real-world mobile, along with online types of Wheel of Fortune titles. 

IGT, as an entity, is basically an absolute top-of-the-line gaming provider. In their arsenal, they have an entire retinue of high-quality and unique games which are equally engaging where enthusiastic gamers are concerned. They are in possession of games, starting from lotteries and gaming machines to games related to sports betting, as well as digital. 

Wheel of Fortune, on its own part, has managed to accrue over twenty-five million viewers and lays claim to being one of the most sought-after programs being aired on television ever. It has been able to garner for itself seven Emmy Awards, which also has a Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Game and Participation Show. Sony Pictures Television has been responsible for producing the game. 

All over New Jersey, gamers are busily engaged in playing games related to Wheel of Fortune Triple Gold spin slots on their mobile handsets, as well as their choice of brick-and-mortar casinos. The link comes with all of the Wheel of Fortune 41 games which contain eighteen one-of-its-kind narratives. It also possesses a $500,000 jackpot reset value, which is supposedly the highest ever.

According to the Chief Operating Officer of Global Gaming at IGT, Nick Khin, the entire team is extremely pleased about the fact that they were able to deliver the first-ever omnichannel jackpot in the U.S. to all of the gaming enthusiasts in New Jersey. In his opinion, it is sure to go down very well with all of the connected players, as well as the operators. 

In the case of the President of iGaming at IGT, Gil Rotem, he firmly is of the opinion that this is the most favorable time for working on their IGT PlayDigital portfolio, coming with an engaging omnichannel jackpot. It is already proving itself in the role of a player-acquired instrument.  

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