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James Harden Intends to Re-Sign With Sixers After Declining $47M

James Harden recently declined a 47.4 million deal to re-sign with the 76ers. The news came from a trusted source close to the player.

According to the person, James decided to enable the team the freedom to sign new players. Philadelphia is one of the teams that might target P.J. Tucker, the Miami forward.

If everything goes well, the scenario is likely to go like this: James will sign a deal with Philadelphia for an amount close to 47.4 million dollars. After discussing crucial terms, the 10-time All-Star will increase the 76ers’ chances of becoming a champion.

James’ decision to stay on the team is key for numerous reasons. The player leaving would have spelled troubles regarding finances and instability within the team. The recent decision supported James’s statement on May 12 when the player promised to stay for the team.

It was right after Philadelphia ended its season in the playoffs’ second round. After the loss, James stated that the player would strengthen the team and do everything necessary to compete against other teams.

As a three-time scoring winner, James Harden holds an average of 10.3 assists and 22 points. The numbers go to show James’ role for the 76ers. The player was nominated to the All-NBA seven times and the NBA MVP in 2018. He was aslo one of the favourite players amongst punters at some of the best NBA betting sites.

The latest decision will certainly boost the team’s morale, which is necessary given their early drop from the season. With James supporting the team, the 76ers can find players that can provide the needed support to take them much further in the competition.

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