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Japan Offers Mobile Casino Games to Residents

The Japanese culture is no stranger to gambling. In recent years, online gaming has become very popular despite murky and restrictive gambling laws.

Gamblers and affiliates have found a way around the weak laws that outlaw online gambling in Japan. As there are no physical casinos in Japan, it is easy for casual and professional gamblers to get away with using mobile casinos.

Weak regulatory changes have made it easier for international casinos to enter and dominate the Japanese gambling industry. This, however, has not stopped punters and fun-seekers from exploring accessible online gambling sites.

The young generation of the Japanese population love their smartphones, and their games are all digital. Casino games such as slots and pinball are trendy. Besides, this young generation is more receptive to the idea of gambling anonymously online.

Popular Mobile Casino Games in Japan

The online casinos Japan offer an escape that anyone with a smartphone can enjoy. With a simple tap on their devices, anyone can enjoy popular casino games. The most popular are slots, baccarat, poker, and roulette.

Lottery games with progressive jackpot prizes are a national favorite as well. Thanks to the Internet, live dealer games and professional virtual tournaments have taken root as a favorite past-time in modern Japanese culture.

Whether you are looking to play Dragon Tiger casually or take part in live dealer Blackjack tournaments, getting started is very easy. You can begin by checking out a list of the latest mobile casino apps (カジノアプリ) can be found at the Japanese casino guide 6宝くじ.

Minimal Regulations Allowing Mobile Casinos to Operate

Laws that regulate gambling are mostly focused on land-based casinos. The few restrictions do little to prevent gamblers from playing or wagering online.

The prominent market has allowed online casinos worldwide to cater to the blossoming Japanese market and increase their revenues.

Japanese punters have been very receptive to trying new ways to gamble and have fun online. For instance, horse race betting has ballooned into a $27 billion industry as of 2019, according to PokerFuse. Comparing this with Pachiko, Japan’s most favorite gambling game generated $30 billion last year.

Opportunities in the Online Japanese Mobile Casino Market

The Japanese casino market is by no means saturated. It is a young and fast-growing market that benefits a lot from non-Japanese online casino brands’ experience and expertise. Some experts argue that opening up to outsiders may be the best thing to have happened to the Japanese gambling industry.

The Asian gambling market has historically been slow to open up to investments. Japan’s national lotto, Takarakuji, started an online presence in 2018. As the world rapidly changes, globalization redefines cultures. New technologies are revitalizing the newly opening up gambling markets, including the Japanese market.

Passion for Mobile Games Has Roots in Electronic Games of the 80s

By the 1980s, when the whole world was still mesmerized by the Television, Japanese companies were shaping the games console market. Early consoles such as Atari, Sega, and Nintendo were a global hit before the internet was mainstream.

The same recognizable themes in those early video games were live in online casino game libraries. Pong, Space Invaders, and Pac-Man, among others, are still playable in today’s online casinos. As technology gains ground in Japan and everywhere else, online casinos favor the gambling industry.

Japan’s love for online gaming is well documented. Experience companies, including Integrated Resorts and lotto platforms, are thriving because they have their roots deep in Japanese culture.

The Challenges of a Young Gambling Market

It would be accurate to say that the Japanese casino market is in its infancy. The government has made little effort to legalize gambling even as the population derives a lot of fun from the digital games it offers. The online world is a global village that is upsetting even the oldest Japanese traditions.

Like every young gambling market, the Japanese gambling industry has had its difficulties. Foremost is the problem with protecting the youth from over-indulging in gambling.

Luckily, the gamification of online casino services, including games and event betting, makes them as versatile as other game players on smartphones. Most Japanese newcomers now have better chances to understand how online casinos work and how they can play to win.

In Summation

Land casinos are holding back the Japanese gambling industry. The government is not keen on streamlining regulations to make it easier for the top online gambling companies to invest in the country. The popularity of mobile casinos and gambling games, in general, is helping speed up its acceptance as a part of modern culture. It may take some time, but Japan will fully legalize online gambling.

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